Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tutti Il Colori Del Buio

1. Blood Rituals
2. 120 Days
3. Butcher's Castle
4. Frostthrower
5. Blue Moon Haze
6. Primrose Paths
7. Traphouse
8. No Man's Land
9. Roving Blade
Debut album from Ilsa, good crust-y doom from Washington, DC. Buy it from the band on their Myspace. LP out soon.

Ritual Abuse

1. Mind Collapse
2. A Year In Suffering
3. Crippled Wizard
4. Crooked Spine
5. Ritual Abuse
Relapse debut from Richmond's Cough. Slower and less groove-laden than their previous efforts, but much heavier and more epic. Good doom. On tour now, check their Myspace for dates and go see them. Buy it from Relapse.


A song off of upcoming Smif n Wessun album, "Monumental" out on Duck Down records in early 2011. Monumental is produced entirely by Pete Rock and this song, "Prevail" has Raekwon on it.

Live From the Tape Deck.

01. Digital Analog
02. Frisbees
03. The Burn Notice (feat. Sean Price & Rock of Heltah Skeltah)
04. Speakers On Blast
05. #Allabouthat
06. Barrel Brothers (feat. Torae)
07. The Winner’s Circle
08. Krylon
09. Kitchen Table
10. The Now Or Never (feat. Styles P. & Buckshot)
11. Understanding Riley (feat. Rhymefest)
12. Langston’s Pen
Skyzoo's latest album, produced entirely by !llmind. Live From the Tape Deck goes in a different direction than Skyzoo's 2006 collaboration with 9th Wonder and last year's The Salvation, but is well worth a listen. Out now on Duck Down Records.

Mind Eraser/Slang.

1. Slang - Drug Society
2. Mind Eraser - Prime
3. Mind Eraser - Crushing In My Dreams
New split between Slang and Mind Eraser. One minute of crusty Japanese hardcore and almost four minutes of angry Boston powerviolence. Out on 540 Records, pick it up through Painkiller.

Dark Worship.

1. Illusory
2. Life Beyond Life
3. Contaminated
Debut EP from Innumerable Forms. All music is written and performed by Justin Detore(Mind Eraser). Classic death metal. Buy it from Painkiller.

Guilty As Charged.

1. Corrupted Souls
2. Guilty As Charged
3. The Hand That Feeds
4. Means To An End
5. Unjust
6. Suenos Muertos
7. Inborn
8. Broken
9. Victims
10. Immortalized
The latest from San Antonio's Bitter End. It's on par with "Climate of Fear" and the self-titled 7" that followed. Consistently good metallic hardcore. Buy it on Deathwish.


1. Teeth and Claws
2. We are Witches
3. Rain (The Cult)
4. Magickal Child
Boris with Ian Astbury of the Cult on vocals. Great stuff. Out now on Southern Lord.

Into the Killing Fields.

1. Defiance Through Fear
2. Mercy Killer
3. Apathetic Goodbye
4. Fear Those Who Claim Divinity
5. From Manipulation To Martyr
6. Into The Killing Fields
7. Angel Among Demons
8. Standing In Silence
9. Still Crucified
The latest All Out War. By far the best thing they've put out in over a decade.


New cross-Pacific-connection split between Japan's Coffins and Oakland's Stormcrow. Two Coffins songs including a new version of "Slaughter of Gods" and an epic 13 minute Stormcrow jam. Good classic sounding death/doom. Out now on 20 Buck Spin, pick it up here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

From Soil Laced With Lyme.

"Advocate is an american band from Providence, USA, playing blazingly fast thrashy hardcore mixed with plenty of grind. Featuring members of Backstabbers Inc., the band was once reviewed in a zine written in Spanish language, it said something about pit bulls and testicles."



Prayers and Arsons.

"Prayers And Arsons pushes further into a sound which is undoubtedly the band's own. The foundation lies in metal and hardcore, but goes as far as doom and the opposite direction with a melodic pop sensitiveness not to be sniffed at. Dissonant and heavy, raw and dynamic, the layers add to each other and become more addictive and captivating. More rock than metal, and more metal than rock, but most of all tight and impressive."

I said a long time ago on this blog that Drive-By Bukkake win the best band name ever award.... Well I'd say Impure Wilhelmina is the worst band name I've ever come across (feel free to comment with worse ones cause that'd be really interesting)... With that said, they play some damn good, and somewhat original, heavy fights light music


She Loves Me She Loves Me Not.

"The roots of Seattle, WA’s Kiss It Goodbye can be traced back to dissolution of the classic lineup of the New Jersey band Deadguy. Hot on the heels of a defining full-length for Victory Records that heralded the dawning of the noisecore movement — a movement later embellished upon by bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch — vocalist Tim Singer and guitarist/songwriter Keith Huckins decided to leave the incendiary outfit as Singer made plans to move to Seattle to pursue a career in graphic design. Huckins followed his friend to the Northwest and Deadguy replaced them both where in 1996, they hooked up with bassist Thom Rusnack (Ambush) and drummer Andrew Gormley (Die 116), both of whom Huckins had played with on the East Coast as part of the groundbreaking hardcore punk band Rorschach...1997’s She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not had critics heads’ spinning with its conceptual album cover art and further exploration of the musical themes laid down by Deadguy’s previous incarnation."

Kiss it Goodbye are lumped into the Botch, Coalesce, Deadguy group - mainly because they had Deadguy members - but they were more bone-chillingly haunting that those bands... worth your time



La Quiete is an awesome screamo band from Italy... this album is compilation of old splits, demos, and unreleased songs that is worth a listen



"Progression is described as an onward or forward movement. Robotosaurus have taken action and pushed through the barriers of heavy music to create the next extreme in sonic defilement. “Manhater”, their dark, crushing, and frantic debut album. Cramming 13 songs into just 25.5 chaotic minutes, the release is the band's most focused and mature sounding effort to date, with their skilful manipulation of brutal sounds bringing to mind the likes of Converge, Discordance Axis, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Daughters."

the debut album from Robotosaurus... heavily grind influenced chaotic music from down under


Kings of Albany.

"Taking influences from bands such as Breather Resist, Black Sabbath & Queens Of The Stone Age, Tortuga have a feast of riff-tastically heavy and chaotic doom-laden songs for even the most cynical listener to sink their teeth into."

Sometimes heavy, sometimes fast, sometimes noisy, all the time very good... weird album name considering they're from the UK... they apparently broke up last year, that sucks


Monday, September 27, 2010


Torche's self-titled debut...heavy sludge meets pop sensibility

their new record Songs For Singles is out now

previous Torche post


3-song 7" released through Iron Lung's label including a Sex/Vid cover...come on, it's Iron Lung

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Sorry for the severe lack of posts...

So I got a new job, which has taken up a shitton of my time....and I just got a new desktop/"pseudo file server" and had to move hard drives over...but I promise I have posts coming VERY soon...maybe as soon as tonight

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eden Sank to Grief.

Enabler are a hardcore-ish, grind-y, crusty band from Milwaukee, WI... great raging stuff featuring former members of bands like Abaddon, Shai Hulud, Today Is the Day, Trap Them, Harlots, Party By the Slice, and more

Also, SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: my band Crippling Fear is playing with these guys, Hivesmasher, and Rampant Decay on September 15 at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, MA... so if you're gonna be in the area then, you should check out the show



the latest full length from the kings of Swedish d-beat (along with Disfear)


Turn Illness Into a Weapon.

aggressive Canadian powerviolence... makes use of a lot of noise elements... their debut


No Comment.

the complete discography of the very influential California powerviolence band No Comment...check it


Monument to Thieves.

a crust/d-beat classic...too too good

MySpace (tribute)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crippling Fear.

my new grind influenced hardcore band... I'm pretty proud of this band, so if you enjoy bands like Black Flag, Punch, Magrudergrind, Minor Threat, Infest, Spazz, Charles Bronson, Mind Eraser, or anything of that ilk, please take a listen

Demo DL

Full of Hell.

the new Howl

a very heavy, very focused, very impressive first full length from this Rhode Island sludge quartet

previous Howl post

Good Morning, Magpie.

the new Murder By Death

great dark indie rock with a heavy country influence... and I'm not talking about that pop country, think more like Johnny Cash or 16 Horsepower type influence


How I Got Over.

the new Roots

not their best work, but come on, ITS THE ROOTS DAMMIT

previous The Roots post

World Extermination.

one of the quintessential modern grind records... its a shame Insect Warfare broke up, because they vastly improved over their tenure


This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2.

Volume 1

1. You're on Your Own - Lack of Interest
2. Capital Inflation - Lack of Interest
3. Endless Suffering - Lack of Interest
4. There Is No Tomorrow - Lack of Interest
5. Last Resort - Lack of Interest
6. Fail Me Not - Lack of Interest
7. Fluids (Neanderthal) - Lack of Interest
8. My Grandma's Fucking a Tranny From Alaska - Owen Hart
9. You'll See 8 Year Olds in Hell - Owen Hart
10. Atrophy of the Mind - Noisear
11. Carbonized - Noisear
12. Recycled Existence - Noisear
13. Seared - Noisear
14. You Are Not Going to Heaven - Hummingbird Of Death
15. The Terrorists Win - Hummingbird Of Death
16. Definitely - Hummingbird Of Death
17. Dead for No Reason - Hummingbird Of Death
18. Don't Believe the Hype - Hummingbird Of Death
19. Get a Brain! Morans - Hummingbird Of Death
20. White Decline - Hummingbird Of Death
21. New Friend - Hummingbird Of Death
22. Land of the Shrill - Hummingbird Of Death
23. Anti-Choice - Hummingbird Of Death
24. An Ode to Those Unwed - Drugs of Faith
25. Loss of Credibility - Drugs of Faith
26. Nuclear Bio-Chimp Assault - Marion Barry
27. Timelord - Marion Barry
28. Where Would Jesus Bank - Marion Barry
29. Fat Dracula - Marion Barry
30. Brainfuck - Marion Barry
31. Hags - Crom
32. Standoff - Apartment 213
33. Sadist - Apartment 213
34. Hollow Cost - Apartment 213
35. Fleshwound - Septic Surge
36. Budmonster - Septic Surge
37. Perculator - Septic Surge
38. Rezinheaven - Septic Surge
39. Facesovmeth - Septic Surge
40. Real Zombies Don't Run - Population Reduction
41. Time Hecklers - Population Reduction
42. Repeat Until You Fail - Despise You
43. All the Regimes You Hold Most Dear - Despise You
44. Pledge of Vice - Triac
45. Seed Sower - Triac
46. The Reaping - Triac
47. Sin [Hriech] - Idiots Parade
48. Deadly Request [Amrtel'ná Prosba] - Idiots Parade
49. Birth Cleanliness [Zrodenie Cistoty] - Idiots Parade
50. Love [Láska] - Idiots Parade
51. Bellyful [Dosyta] - Idiots Parade
52. Enough Rope - Extortion
53. Bludgeon - Extortion
54. Incinerate - Extortion
55. Guillotine - Extortion
56. The Chair - Extortion
57. Put to Sleep - Extortion
58. Fuck Corporate Grind - Three Faces of Eve
59. Taxsmasher - Three Faces of Eve
60. The Apocalypse of Reason - Three Faces of Eve
61. Good Night and God Bless - Three Faces of Eve
62. Mind of Ganja - Voetsek
63. Back to the Bay - Voetsek
64. Lonely Death - Voetsek
65. Lost Art of Humanity - Voetsek
66. Isaac No Fuck, Isaac Make Love - Superbad
67. Pretty Much Always Some of the Time - Superbad
68. Dr. Kynes, (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Atreides) - Superbad
69. Carnivore - Strong Intention
70. Holes in the Wall - Strong Intention
71. Messiah - Strong Intention
72. Without Conscience - Strong Intention
73. Some People Push Back - Social Infestation
74. Dirty Harry Syndrome - Social Infestation

Personally, I don't think this is as strong as number 1 (feel free to skip over Marion barry and Septic Surge, and I am disappointed by Crom and Despise You's contributions), but it still has some great stuff on it... I had never heard Owen Hart, Three Faces of Eve, Idiots Parade, or Superbad before listening to this, and I thought all 4 bands put forth excellent work... and Extortion, Apartment 213, and Lack of Interest brought it like they always do


Monday, July 12, 2010

Bleed EP.

the new Weekend Nachos

2 tracks coming in at over 13 minutes... 1st track is pretty crushing, 2nd track is okay but gets repetitive at the end... reminiscient of Mind Eraser's Conscious/Unconscious EP

previous Weekend Nachos post

Glacial Reign.

IMO this is Mind Eraser's best release...awesome, awesome stuff

previous Mind Eraser post

Eyes & Nines.

the new Trash Talk

slightly different from what they've done before, kinda like the new Ceremony or the new Coliseum... but for some reason, I'm not disappointed... I don't know, I'm weird like that



the new Early Graves

sounds like a good mix between Cursed and Trap Them... nothing really original here, but it is still a very good record... as the album went on it grew on me


Monday, June 28, 2010

Trans-Continental Hustle.

the new Gogol Bordello

a new release that is actually what you expect it to be? NO WAY!

the Gypsy Punk Kings!


House With A Curse.

the new Coliseum

what is with bands going slower lately? when I posted the new Ceremony, I hadn't heard it yet, but I expected it to be very fast... well, those that have heard it know that I was wrong... House With A Curse has Coliseum in an overall slow down as well...

I'm not knocking this record, because it is very good, but I don't know why bands insist on slowing down... that being said, it seems as though Coliseum decided to take their best slower songs from their past and make a full album of them... again, not knocking the record, but it would be nice to stay fast as they progress in their career, kinda like Napalm Death has...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Undark and the Radium Girls.

Undark and the Radium Girls are a fast hardcore band from MA... just saw these guys open for Ceremony, and they tore it up

Self-Centered Demo DL
Too Bright To See Demo DL


Colony are a fast, aggressive hardcore band from NY/CT... reminiscient of Trash Talk in both sound and live show, these guys are VERY angry


Family Ties & Flooded Eyes.

Featherweight are a melodic hardcore band from the North Shore of MA... a very young band with a lot of potential


Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

War Master.

Old school death metal from Houston with ex-Insect Warfare. The drumming kills.
Chapel of the Apocalypse


Wisconsin powerviolence.


Fresh, abrasive powerviolence from Los Angeles. Six songs, four minutes. Don't sleep.

Warzone Womyn/Endless Blockade.

Continuing with Rusty's string of splits, Pittsburgh's Warzone Womyn teamed up with Toronto's Endless Blockade for a split LP in '05. Heavy shit.
Warzone Womyn
Endless Blockade


Grind from Singapore. Available through Earache.