Friday, October 1, 2010

Prayers and Arsons.

"Prayers And Arsons pushes further into a sound which is undoubtedly the band's own. The foundation lies in metal and hardcore, but goes as far as doom and the opposite direction with a melodic pop sensitiveness not to be sniffed at. Dissonant and heavy, raw and dynamic, the layers add to each other and become more addictive and captivating. More rock than metal, and more metal than rock, but most of all tight and impressive."

I said a long time ago on this blog that Drive-By Bukkake win the best band name ever award.... Well I'd say Impure Wilhelmina is the worst band name I've ever come across (feel free to comment with worse ones cause that'd be really interesting)... With that said, they play some damn good, and somewhat original, heavy fights light music


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