Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crimes In Blood.

Vacccine just straight up rips... there's just no way around it... fast, angry, short, loud, menacing, all that's right with modern powerviolence

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Songs For Singles.

the newest Torche release

more in the vein of Meanderthal than their self-titled record or In Return... I honestly didn't like this at first, but has since really grown on me... sludge with pop hooks



Highlife is not just the best dirt cheap beer money can buy (IMO)... it's also a fantastic release from the Dekalb, IL thrash/hardcore/powerviolence band Sick/Tired... featuring members of MK-Ultra and Weekend Nachos



the newest record from Menomena.... cool, slow, and creative indie rock

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Spiral Shadow.

the newest Kylesa record

IMO, this is their weakest release to date... like I've said in previous posts on this blog, why do bands feel the need to get slower as the "progress?" I'm not saying stay the same with every record, but don't forget your roots either

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Idiots Parade.

Crazy female-fronted grind/"fastcore" out of Slovakia... they are one of the standouts on This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2


Harmed and Dangerous.

"After these Bostonians dropped their debut Bored To Death 7" on the world... They've out done themselves by now writing a completely raging, classic punk album for the hardcore in us all. Fast hardcore, played with tightness, attitude, and aggression." - Interpunk

another criminally underrated band, Boston's Cut the Shit also broke up well before their time... featured members of Bones Brigade, The Pinkerton Thugs, Tear It Up, and Cops and Robbers


(NOTE: Interpunk is apparently selling this CD for $2, so buy this if you're into it)


second post in a row about a band out of Washington state, this time it's Bookburner out of Tacoma... blazing hardcore/powerviolence... it took me a few listens, but I've grown to love this record


Navigating the Bronze.

long time, no see....life is busy, blah, blah, blah....anyways.....

Akimbo are a criminally underrated band out of Seattle, WA... they really fit inwith the music that has come out of Louisville over the last 7-8 years


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bleed for Speed.

"Blazing fastcore" from PA. Self titled 7" out now on To Live A Lie.
Side A
Side B

Tour and split 7" with PA's Nimbus Terrifix(ex Dead Radical) available beginning Friday. Nimbus Terrifix's demo is available here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jason... the Dragon.

After several years of injuries and other delays, here's the follow up to Weedeater's 2007 "God Luck and Good Speed". Out now on Southern Lord.
1. The Great Unfurling
2. Hammerhandle
3. Mancoon
4. Turkey Warlock
5. Jason....the Dragon
6. Palms and Opium
7. Long Gone
8. March of the Bipolar Bear
9. Homecoming
10. Whiskey Creek

..213 Will Regulate...


Blunted in the Bomb Shelter

Madlib's selection and mix of classic Reggae & Dub from the Trojan Records catalog. Sit back and burn one.
1. Place in the Sun/Fire Corner/Black Man Time -- David Isaacs
2. Flat Foot Hustlin' -- Dillinger
3. Jingle Lion
4. Walk Rastafari Way -- Mikey Dread
5. Destruction Sound Battle -- Prince Far I
6. Public Jestering -- Winston Blake
7. Better Version -- King Tubby
8. Bad Da -- Gregory Isaacs
9. Black Magic Woman -- Dennis Brown
10. Throne of Blood -- Prince Jammy
11. Lottery Spin -- Zap Pow
12. Star Trek
13. Want Me Cock
14. Free Man -- The Ethiopians
15. Man in the Street -- Don Drummond
16. Don't Deal With Folly -- Prince Far I
17. I Love Marijuana -- Linval Thompson
18. Stop the Dubbing -- Aggrovators
19. Free from Chains -- Prince Jazzbo
20. Sensimelia -- Barrington Levy
21. Mission Impossible -- Roots Radics
22. Golden Chickens
23. Herb Vendor -- Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace
24. Babylon Deh Pon Fire -- Truth Fact & Correct
25. Shaft -- The Chosen Few
26. Sipreano -- The Upsetters
27. Girl of My Dreams -- Cornell Campbell
28. Rhythm Pleasure -- Jerry Lewis
29. Cocaine -- Sly & the Revolutionaries
30. Love Life -- U-Brown
31.Voice of Jah -- Mikey Dread
32. Teacher, Teacher -- Dennis Alcapone
33. DJ's Choice -- Dennis Alcapone
34. King Tubby's Special -- King Tubby
35. Reggae Makossa -- Brenton Dowe
36. Rougher Version -- King Tubby
37. Cool Down Version -- King Tubby
38. Space Flight -- I-Roy
39. On the Move -- Roland Alphonso
40. Guns of Navarone -- The Skatalites
41. Popcorn -- The Upsetters
42. None Shall Escape Judgement -- Johnny Clarke
43. Freedom Style -- Trinity
44. Starvation -- The Pioneers
45. African People -- Jay Boys

Obsessed With Death.

"Two of Texas' heaviest bands join forces on this split 12" laying waste to modern metal via the hardcore punk fueled fury of early death metal and grindcore." - Cyclopean Records
1) Mammoth Grinder - Pulverized
2) Mammoth Grinder - Societal Collapse
3) Mammoth Grinder - Surveilled
4) Hatred Surge - Invega
5) Hatred Surge - Disconnected
6) Hatred Surge - Mood Stabilizer
7) Hatred Surge - Supernova

1) Obsessed With Death
2) Welcome to Hell(Venom)

Crystal Silence.

"Crystal Silence is a sublime indication of what two master improvisers can do given quality raw material, with the first side of this record being particularly flawless. Improvised music is rarely this coherent and melodic. Essential for fans of Corea, Burton, or jazz in general." ~ Daniel Gioffre
1. SeƱor Mouse 6:21
2. Arise, Her Eyes 5:08
3. I'm Your Pal 4:02
4. Desert Air 6:26
5. Crystal Silence 9:04
6. Falling Grace 2:42
7. Feelings and Things 4:46
8. Children's Song 2:12
9. What Game Shall We Play Today? 3:42


The last release from Iron Age.
1) Riddle of the Skies
2) Join the Wind

Several Shades of Why

New acoustic album from Dinosaur Jr's J. Mascis. "Several Shades of Why, recorded at Amherst, Massachusetts’ Bisquiteen Studios, is J’s first solo studio record, and it is an album of incredible beauty, performed with a delicacy not always associated with his work." - Sub Pop
1) Listen To Me
2) Several Shades of Why
3) Not Enough
4) Very Nervous and Love
5) Is It Done
6) Make It Right
7) Where Are You
8) Too Deep
9) Can I
10) What Happened

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Off the Pigs.

1 Intro
2 Carnals
3 By Any Means Necessary
4 Nuclear Foundations
5 Dank Upon A Time
6 Media
7 Funeral Pork Harvest

Harvest of the Carcass

"Formed in late 2006, New Lows are one of Boston's heaviest hardcore/punk/metal bands. Featuring members of Think I Care, So Be It, The Prowl, Riff Raff, and more, they take their direction from classics of the genres like Ringworm and (early) Bolt Thrower." - Deathwish
01. Stagnant Strides
02. Born And Razed
03. Plaguegrounds
04. Last Of The Rats
05. Harvest Of The Carcass
06. The Horrible And The Miserable
07. Blinding Grief
08. Anguish
09. New Lows
10. The Pounding And The Hollering


Latest album from Finnish grind staple Rotten Sound. More of the same, and that's a good thing.
1. Alone
2. Superior
3. Self
4. Choose
5. Hollow
6. Ritual
7. Green
8. Machinery
9. Power
10. Plan
11. Declare
12. Addict
13. Exploit
14. Terrified
15. Scared
16. Doomed
Cursed is also available for streaming here. Out now on Relapse.

Blind to What is Right.

1) Blind to What Is Right
2) Everyone Who I Knew and Loved Is Gone
3) Wash Away My Sins
4) Hollow Pain
5) A Stranger to Myself
6) In Silence Together
7) Downstream
8) Into Darkness
9) All That's Left to See
Melodic hardcore from the Boston area. Their latest. Out now on Deathwish.

new Colony.

this 7" has 7 songs of fast, angry, intense hardcore out of Hudson Valley, NY

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"Sagarmatha, the seventh full length by Appleseed Cast, finds the band self-assured and largely home-recorded, indulging in the creation of their art beyond the pressures of hype or doubt that compromise younger and lesser bands. It seems that they understand that for a band that's been making music for ten years to sound fresh, their ideas must be fresh. Sagarmatha integrates the more anthemic sensibilities of Two Conversations (mainly in the very catchy vocal melodies) and the density and distorted rock moments of Peregrine with the experimental tendencies of both Low Level Owl records."

the latest (that I know of anyways) by the legendary melodic rock band Appleseed Cast



fast hardcore with quite a pedigree...features members of bands such as Limp Wrist, California Love, Los Crudos, Look Back And Laugh, and Never Healed...shit is blazin'


Double Equals.

Boston-based grind band featuring Jonah Jenkins of Only Living Witness fame

if you don't know who Only Living Witness is, first off, what the fuck is wrong with you? but second of all, you may also know Jonah Jenkins for guest starring on the Converge song Grim Heart/Black Rose off of No Heroes



the newest EP from the Wisconsin powerviolence makers SFN....RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Better Late Than Never: Rusty's Tops of 2010

hey there, remember us?!?

yea, we haven't posted anything for months...life takes over, y'all know how it is, right?

well, without further delay, here is my list of top releases of 2010

16) Burning Love - Songs For Burning Lovers


15) Murder By Death - Good Morning, Magpie


14) Howl - Full of Hell

DL link removed

13) Envy - Recitation


12) Confines - Withdrawn


11) Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire - Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation


10) Kill the Client - Set For Extinction


9) Nomos - Notes from the Acheron


8) Early Graves - Goner


7) Nails - Unsilent Death


6) Extortion - Loose Screws


5) Deftones - Diamond Eyes

no DL link (how stupid do you think I am?)

4) Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon - Wu-Massacre


3) Vaccine - Human Hatred


2) Enabler - Eden Sank To Grief / War Begins With You

Eden Sank to Grief DL
War Begins With You DL

1) Punch - Push Pull