Monday, July 26, 2010

Crippling Fear.

my new grind influenced hardcore band... I'm pretty proud of this band, so if you enjoy bands like Black Flag, Punch, Magrudergrind, Minor Threat, Infest, Spazz, Charles Bronson, Mind Eraser, or anything of that ilk, please take a listen

Demo DL

Full of Hell.

the new Howl

a very heavy, very focused, very impressive first full length from this Rhode Island sludge quartet

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Good Morning, Magpie.

the new Murder By Death

great dark indie rock with a heavy country influence... and I'm not talking about that pop country, think more like Johnny Cash or 16 Horsepower type influence


How I Got Over.

the new Roots

not their best work, but come on, ITS THE ROOTS DAMMIT

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World Extermination.

one of the quintessential modern grind records... its a shame Insect Warfare broke up, because they vastly improved over their tenure


This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2.

Volume 1

1. You're on Your Own - Lack of Interest
2. Capital Inflation - Lack of Interest
3. Endless Suffering - Lack of Interest
4. There Is No Tomorrow - Lack of Interest
5. Last Resort - Lack of Interest
6. Fail Me Not - Lack of Interest
7. Fluids (Neanderthal) - Lack of Interest
8. My Grandma's Fucking a Tranny From Alaska - Owen Hart
9. You'll See 8 Year Olds in Hell - Owen Hart
10. Atrophy of the Mind - Noisear
11. Carbonized - Noisear
12. Recycled Existence - Noisear
13. Seared - Noisear
14. You Are Not Going to Heaven - Hummingbird Of Death
15. The Terrorists Win - Hummingbird Of Death
16. Definitely - Hummingbird Of Death
17. Dead for No Reason - Hummingbird Of Death
18. Don't Believe the Hype - Hummingbird Of Death
19. Get a Brain! Morans - Hummingbird Of Death
20. White Decline - Hummingbird Of Death
21. New Friend - Hummingbird Of Death
22. Land of the Shrill - Hummingbird Of Death
23. Anti-Choice - Hummingbird Of Death
24. An Ode to Those Unwed - Drugs of Faith
25. Loss of Credibility - Drugs of Faith
26. Nuclear Bio-Chimp Assault - Marion Barry
27. Timelord - Marion Barry
28. Where Would Jesus Bank - Marion Barry
29. Fat Dracula - Marion Barry
30. Brainfuck - Marion Barry
31. Hags - Crom
32. Standoff - Apartment 213
33. Sadist - Apartment 213
34. Hollow Cost - Apartment 213
35. Fleshwound - Septic Surge
36. Budmonster - Septic Surge
37. Perculator - Septic Surge
38. Rezinheaven - Septic Surge
39. Facesovmeth - Septic Surge
40. Real Zombies Don't Run - Population Reduction
41. Time Hecklers - Population Reduction
42. Repeat Until You Fail - Despise You
43. All the Regimes You Hold Most Dear - Despise You
44. Pledge of Vice - Triac
45. Seed Sower - Triac
46. The Reaping - Triac
47. Sin [Hriech] - Idiots Parade
48. Deadly Request [Amrtel'ná Prosba] - Idiots Parade
49. Birth Cleanliness [Zrodenie Cistoty] - Idiots Parade
50. Love [Láska] - Idiots Parade
51. Bellyful [Dosyta] - Idiots Parade
52. Enough Rope - Extortion
53. Bludgeon - Extortion
54. Incinerate - Extortion
55. Guillotine - Extortion
56. The Chair - Extortion
57. Put to Sleep - Extortion
58. Fuck Corporate Grind - Three Faces of Eve
59. Taxsmasher - Three Faces of Eve
60. The Apocalypse of Reason - Three Faces of Eve
61. Good Night and God Bless - Three Faces of Eve
62. Mind of Ganja - Voetsek
63. Back to the Bay - Voetsek
64. Lonely Death - Voetsek
65. Lost Art of Humanity - Voetsek
66. Isaac No Fuck, Isaac Make Love - Superbad
67. Pretty Much Always Some of the Time - Superbad
68. Dr. Kynes, (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Atreides) - Superbad
69. Carnivore - Strong Intention
70. Holes in the Wall - Strong Intention
71. Messiah - Strong Intention
72. Without Conscience - Strong Intention
73. Some People Push Back - Social Infestation
74. Dirty Harry Syndrome - Social Infestation

Personally, I don't think this is as strong as number 1 (feel free to skip over Marion barry and Septic Surge, and I am disappointed by Crom and Despise You's contributions), but it still has some great stuff on it... I had never heard Owen Hart, Three Faces of Eve, Idiots Parade, or Superbad before listening to this, and I thought all 4 bands put forth excellent work... and Extortion, Apartment 213, and Lack of Interest brought it like they always do


Monday, July 12, 2010

Bleed EP.

the new Weekend Nachos

2 tracks coming in at over 13 minutes... 1st track is pretty crushing, 2nd track is okay but gets repetitive at the end... reminiscient of Mind Eraser's Conscious/Unconscious EP

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Glacial Reign.

IMO this is Mind Eraser's best release...awesome, awesome stuff

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Eyes & Nines.

the new Trash Talk

slightly different from what they've done before, kinda like the new Ceremony or the new Coliseum... but for some reason, I'm not disappointed... I don't know, I'm weird like that



the new Early Graves

sounds like a good mix between Cursed and Trap Them... nothing really original here, but it is still a very good record... as the album went on it grew on me