Friday, October 1, 2010

She Loves Me She Loves Me Not.

"The roots of Seattle, WA’s Kiss It Goodbye can be traced back to dissolution of the classic lineup of the New Jersey band Deadguy. Hot on the heels of a defining full-length for Victory Records that heralded the dawning of the noisecore movement — a movement later embellished upon by bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch — vocalist Tim Singer and guitarist/songwriter Keith Huckins decided to leave the incendiary outfit as Singer made plans to move to Seattle to pursue a career in graphic design. Huckins followed his friend to the Northwest and Deadguy replaced them both where in 1996, they hooked up with bassist Thom Rusnack (Ambush) and drummer Andrew Gormley (Die 116), both of whom Huckins had played with on the East Coast as part of the groundbreaking hardcore punk band Rorschach...1997’s She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not had critics heads’ spinning with its conceptual album cover art and further exploration of the musical themes laid down by Deadguy’s previous incarnation."

Kiss it Goodbye are lumped into the Botch, Coalesce, Deadguy group - mainly because they had Deadguy members - but they were more bone-chillingly haunting that those bands... worth your time


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