Wednesday, June 16, 2010


great splits....(very) brief description of each band

The Poacher Diaries: Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge

drum machine grind from MA vs. chaotic hardcore from MA

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Converge's MySpace

Pig Destroyer/Coldworker/Antigama 3-Way Split

awesome grind from VA vs. death metal from Sweden (with an ex-member of Nasum) vs. forward thinking grind from Poland

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Coldworker's MySpace
Antigama's MySpace

Discordance Axis/Capitalist Casualties

legendary grind from NJ vs. legendary powerviolence from CA

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Capitalist Casualties' MySpace

Benumb/Apartment 213

furious grind from CA vs. vicious powerviolence from OH

Benumb's MySpace
Apartment 213's MySpace

Jesu/Battle of Mice

ambient sludge from the UK (Justin Broadrick from Godflesh) vs. haunting sludge from Brooklyn

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Iron Lung/The Endless Blockade

powerviolence from Washington state vs. powerviolence from Canada

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Massgrave/In Disgust

awesome grind from Canada vs. powerviolence from CA

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