Monday, September 7, 2009

Tied to Terra we won't wash away.....

"Hailing from Boston, MA, THE ARKHAM WHITE certainly know how to create a little noise. The tracks on their debut EP, Relic Radiation must have been held up to an old, leaking barrel of latent plutonium for some length of time — the aural fracas that is found on this disc is dense, layered and pummeling. Working with a base built upon influences ranging from AT THE GATES to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, this quintet deliver the goods with a mixture of melodic death metal, grind and noise. Tempos start and stop like the blows from a sledgehammer while distorted guitars churn and drive you further into the disc’s depths. There’s some decent texturing thrown into the caldron that makes everything seem that much more chaotic and dark."

The Arkham White are a 5-piece Boston based melodic Metal band with Black Metal overtones... I know melodic Metal has become very cliche, but these guys do it very well, and unlike most American bands playing melodic Metal, they do it without cheesy DUN DUN WEE breakdowns


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