Monday, September 7, 2009

Life's Trade.

The debut album from Samothrace. Four songs, about 45 minutes. Produced by Sanford Parker(recorded Modern Life is War- Witness, Pelican- Australasia, and a bunch of others). One of my favorite records from 2008.

"We came together, initially, in friendship made thru our individual involvements in the DIY Punk/Hardcore/Metal(death to false, of course) community. Hometowns spanning from New Mexico to Kansas to Oklahoma, we currently reside in Lawrence, KS. '05/'06 began the process of shaping Samothrace into our present state. Heavy music for heavy times. The lyrics, albeit poetic, are rooted in the ideals of social change, political incoherence, and a bleak but positive outlook on life... intended for those who've taken back their breath and risen on their own and those who wish to do so." - Samothrace's Myspace.

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