Monday, September 21, 2009

Some more shameless self-promoting

3-song cassette tape of the band I'm in... we recorded these songs with the intention of releasing a split with another band, but we decided to just release them ourselves... Mad Mike was the drummer on this recording, but he's not our current drummer


below is a short set we played at AS220 in Providence, RI with I Destroyer, Jesuscentric, and Ghosting on July 18th of this year... we were in between drummers at the time, so our friend Jimbo from the band Boarcorpse filled in for us, which was greatly appreciated

1. Organic Flowers
2. I Live With Kings
3. The Procession of Saints
4. Everyone Is Lying or Mending Wounds
5. The World Is Full of Magic

HYEO's MySpace
Boarcorpse's MySpace

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