Friday, February 12, 2010


fuck Trivium... not only because their music is bad, but because Matt Heafy decided to focus on them instead of this great band... Capharnaum were a technical death metal band out of Sanford, FL... Matt Heafy of Trivium fame (really fuck that band) was the vocalist, but he isn't the only member of note... famed metal producer Jason Suecof played guitar and did backing vocals, his brother Jordan played drums, and they were the two men who made up THE ALMIGHTY CROTCHDUSTER... their other guitarist Alex Vieira was also in Cannae (at least according to Capharnaum's Metal Archives page) and their bassist Mike Poggione was also in Monstrosity as well as currently being in Lecherous Nocturne... so if you want some pretty awesome death metal, download this


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