Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mutation Comp.


1. Garuda - Thirteen
2. The Minor Times - I Fuck For Money
3. The Minor Times - Glass Ceiling
4. The Abandoned Hearts Club - Experimenting With Maturity
5. Enkephalin - Real Deal Holyfield
6. Sea Of Thousand - Death Obsessed Til' Death
7. Tyranny Of Shaw - Grendel
8. Tyranny Of Shaw - Lost In Arcadia
9. Ed Gein - Beautiful Corpses
10. Ed Gein - The Ever So Familiar Face of the Devourer

here is a compilation Robotic Empire released back in 2003 to showcase all of the upcoming chaotic, Coalesce-influenced bands of the time... I don't think any of these bands are still around (The Minor Times and Ed Gein might be, but neither of them have released anything in a long time that I'm aware of), but there is some very solid stuff here... in fact, the only track I wasn't fond of are Garuda's and Sea of Thousand's... that being said, if you are a fan of bands that sound like Coalesce, Deadguy, Botch, etc., there is something here for you


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alcatrazmetaphors said...

Best comp I ever spent a small sum of money on, was pretty much the only thing I jammed for an entire summer. Actually, it was my very appropriate introduction to underground hardcore/metal. Wish Tyranny of Shaw had more shit available. Their tracks are easily the fucking win.