Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Syracuse, NY's No Idols played an interesting brand of heavy, dark hardcore which drew from an eclectic list of influences, including Cursed, Queens of the Stone Age, Deadguy, Neurosis, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Floor, Cave In, and Majority Rule... very intriguing listen for any who enjoys any of those bands



Anonymous said...

hey man do you know any programm to convert m4p to mp3? cause i dont have itunes and the description of the band looks really interesting, but i can't listen to it

Rusty said...

I do not off hand, sorry man

I'll look around though

brendan said...

the tracks won't play on my itunes, says i need an aol password or some such

Rusty said...

hmmmmmm.....maybe they linked those files to my iTunes account....haven't had complaints about the other albums I posted from iTunes....I'll try to figure this out ASAP