Monday, December 14, 2009

Cold Sweat.

"Hardcore was never a genre that left much room for interpretation. The bands who play it well usually play by the rules and those who would like you to believe they are breaking out of the mold, more often than not, are still playing by someone's rules. Every now and again however there comes a band so focused and hellbent on putting cracks in the foundation that their sincerity and intent cannot be questioned. Black Flag did it in the mid 1980's, bands such as Born Against and Rorschach did it in the early 1990's and Cold Sweat are the current torchbearers of this sonic nihilism. Their music is manic, mean, and above all, intense; Their live shows - a maelstrom of chaotic guitars, razor sharp percussion, and a frontman with all the characteristics and charisma of a frieght train about to swipe your head clean off; and with their songs alternating between full on thrash destruction and slow, pounding drone, all the while playing like a band of humans on fire, Cold Sweat are hardcore personified."

Seattle, WA's Cold Sweat were an intense old school hardcore punk band... angry, noisy and raw Black Flag influenced hardcore... members went on to the bands Walls and Men's Interest, among others... this file contains their demo, Blinded, and Severed Ties... FUCK THE FLOCK


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