Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seven Stars The Angel of Death

"Brooklyn's TOMBS deliver a stunning tour-de-force with their Relapse Records debut Winter Hours. The trio tread a unique musical path that draws equally from several disparate music worlds. The austere and appropriately-titled album is a somber, sobering affair that brings together hypnotic psychedelic harmonies, lush and introspective sonic textures, and a relentless intensity found in the most blackened metal to stunning effect. Whether through driving melodies, explosive noise, or the most fragile of interludes, Winter Hours hits hard and resonates deeply within the listener."

Brooklyn, NY's Tombs are one of the more original sounding heavy bands to come out in quite some time... it is mindblowing how they can blend so many genres and styles together and still be a great band to listen to... this is their debut on Relapse Records, and it's one of my top 10 of this year


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