Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crimes In Blood.

Vacccine just straight up rips... there's just no way around it... fast, angry, short, loud, menacing, all that's right with modern powerviolence

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Songs For Singles.

the newest Torche release

more in the vein of Meanderthal than their self-titled record or In Return... I honestly didn't like this at first, but has since really grown on me... sludge with pop hooks



Highlife is not just the best dirt cheap beer money can buy (IMO)... it's also a fantastic release from the Dekalb, IL thrash/hardcore/powerviolence band Sick/Tired... featuring members of MK-Ultra and Weekend Nachos



the newest record from Menomena.... cool, slow, and creative indie rock

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Spiral Shadow.

the newest Kylesa record

IMO, this is their weakest release to date... like I've said in previous posts on this blog, why do bands feel the need to get slower as the "progress?" I'm not saying stay the same with every record, but don't forget your roots either

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Idiots Parade.

Crazy female-fronted grind/"fastcore" out of Slovakia... they are one of the standouts on This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2


Harmed and Dangerous.

"After these Bostonians dropped their debut Bored To Death 7" on the world... They've out done themselves by now writing a completely raging, classic punk album for the hardcore in us all. Fast hardcore, played with tightness, attitude, and aggression." - Interpunk

another criminally underrated band, Boston's Cut the Shit also broke up well before their time... featured members of Bones Brigade, The Pinkerton Thugs, Tear It Up, and Cops and Robbers


(NOTE: Interpunk is apparently selling this CD for $2, so buy this if you're into it)


second post in a row about a band out of Washington state, this time it's Bookburner out of Tacoma... blazing hardcore/powerviolence... it took me a few listens, but I've grown to love this record


Navigating the Bronze.

long time, no see....life is busy, blah, blah, blah....anyways.....

Akimbo are a criminally underrated band out of Seattle, WA... they really fit inwith the music that has come out of Louisville over the last 7-8 years


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bleed for Speed.

"Blazing fastcore" from PA. Self titled 7" out now on To Live A Lie.
Side A
Side B

Tour and split 7" with PA's Nimbus Terrifix(ex Dead Radical) available beginning Friday. Nimbus Terrifix's demo is available here.